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Joint Japanese-Argentine Expedition to the Antarctic for the study of permafrost at Seymour Island (Marambio) during Nov. 1987 - Jan. 1988

The Japanese team was integrated as follows: Masami Fukuda, Low Temperature Science Institute, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan. Michio Nogami , Tokyo Metropolitan University, Tokyo. Kuneo Omoto, Faculty of Science, C14 Laboratory Nihon University SITAGAJAZ Tokyo, and T. Koisumi , Tokyo Gokugei University.

The Argentine team was composed as follows: Arturo E. Corte, Laboratory of Geocryology , CRICYT Mendoza; Jorge Strellin, Instituto Antartico Buenos Aires and Faculty of Sciences University of Buenos Aires; Enrique M. Buk, and Luis Lenzano, Laboratory of Geocryology , CRICYT Mendoza. Field data is being analyzed and Joint report will be presented at a
meeting which will be held in Tokyo next October. The following aspects will be treated in a joint report:

  1. General Geology and Geomorphology
  2. Physical environment of the Island
  3. Geoelectrical surveys
  4. General Geocryology
  5. Geocryogenic forms
  6. Frost action eolian and fluvial processes
  7. Excavation sites at four areas in the Meseta and one in Larsen
  8. Geochemistry, accumulation of salts under the stones and C14 analysis and dating
  9. Discussion and summary.

Report by A. Corte