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Within the U.S. National Research Council there are two committees responsible for permafrost activities; the U.S. Committee for the International Permafrost Association (USC/IPA) of the Board on Earth Sciences (BES) and the Permafrost Committee coordinates activities within the United States.

On behalf of the IPA, the USC/IPA is coordinating the preparation of the second 5-year Bibliography on Permafrost for the Period 1983-1987. A special Workshop on Permafrost Data and Information is being organized by the World Data Centre A (Boulder, Colorado), which will be held in Trondheim immediately before the August 2-5, 1988, Fifth International Conference on Permafrost (VICOP).

Numerous permafrost and related projects are conducted by government agencies, universities, and industry. The results will be reported in the approximately 75 U.S. papers presented at VICOP. Briefly, permafrost-climate investigations are conducted by the U.S. Geological Survey in deep bore hole measurements of temperature in Northern Alaska and by the University of Alaska in shallow bore holes.

Subsea permafrost and coastal investigations continue in northern Alaska. Industry is undertaking site investigations in northwestern Alaska in preparation for a major mining project.

A joint-ground temperature measurement program with the Chinese Ministry of Railways was begun on the Tibet Plateau and in Fairbanks, Alaska. Temperature cables from each country were installed at each of the two sites and weekly measurements to 50 feet are being obtained for comparisons in methods.

Professional organizatins have several major activities underway. The Technical Council of the Cold Regions Engineering of the American Society of Civil Engineers is publishing a new journal Cold Regions Engineering and is planning an international conference on Cold Regions Transportation for 1989, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The American Society of Testing and Materials has formed a new Subcommittee (D 18-19), Frozen Soil and Rock to develop standards on pile load testing frost susceptibility and creep testing. C.W. Lovell is the Chairman.

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers co-sponsored The First International Heat Transfer Symposium in Cold Climates, Edmonton, Canada, June 1987 and co-hosted the VII Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering Conference, Houston, Texas, February, 1988.

Report by J. Brown.