goncaloGonçalo Vieira, Portuguese representative of the International Permafrost Association, was awarded the National Prize Seeds of Science on Earth, Atmosphere and Marine Science for the work made in the framework of the International Polar Year to promote Antarctic research in Portugal.
Gonçalo Vieira is professor at the Institute of Geography and Spatial Planningat the University of Lisbon and the leader of a major Portuguese research campaign on permafrost in Antarctica. His scientific accomplishments are many and include contributions to the better understanding of the thermal, surficial and subsurficial behaviour of permafrost in Deception and Livingston Islands.
Prof. Vieira is also one of the leaders of the Latitude 60! Project which aimed at publicizing polar and permafrost research to the public. In this project, Prof. Vieira and colleagues intiated a wide range of actions to make Antarctic science understandable to everyone, organising exhibitions in commercial malls, museums, street fairs, etc. and delivering a considerable amount of lectures in schools and in the field in mountain areas of Portugal. The national prize rewarded the outstanding contribution of Gonçalo Vieira to raising the profile of polar science in Portugal and of Portuguese science abroad.