v_banner_2The International Permafrost Association’s primary responsibility is to convene International Conferences on Permafrost.

International conferences were held at:

West Lafayette, Indiana, U.S.A. (1963)
Yakutsk, Siberia (1973)
Edmonton, Canada (1978)
Fairbanks, Alaska (1983)
Trondheim, Norway (1988)
Beijing, China (1993)
Yellowknife, Canada (1998)
Zurich, Switzerland (2003)
Fairbanks, Alaska (2008)
Salekhard, Russia (2012)
Potsdam, Germany (2016)

The 12th International Conference on Permafrost will be held in Lanzhou, China in June 2022.

Field excursions are an integral part of each conference, and are organised by the host country.

Regional conferences are organised between ICOPs.

The IPA also partners with several other organisations on the organisation of conferences and workshops related to permafrost and periglacial processes.