The Troy L. Péwé Award is granted every four years at the International Conference on Permafrost since 2003. It acknowledges the excellent presentation of a young scientist in permafrost science. The recipients of the Troy L. Péwé award are listed below:


2016 Troy L. Péwé Award

  • Melissa K. Ward (McGill University)


Ward, M.K. & Pollard, W.H. Using a mix-methods approach to monitor thermokarst activity in the Eureka Sound Lowlands, Ellesmere Island, Nunavut

2012 Troy L. Péwé Award

  • Anna Liljedahl (University of Fairbanks)


Liljedahl, A., Hinzman, L.D., Schulla, J. Ice-Wedge Polygon Type Controls Low-Gradient Watershed-Scale Hydrology

2008 Troy L. Péwé Award

  • Gregory De Pascale (McGill University / Lettis Associates)

De Pascale, G.P. and Pollard, W.H. Geophysical Mapping of Ground Ice in the Western Canadian Arctic

2003 Troy L. Péwé Award

  • Lukas Arenson (ETH Zürich)

Arenson, L., Springman, S. and Hawkins, P. Pressuremeter tests within an active rock glacier in the Swiss Alps