The Pavel I. Melnikov Award is granted every four years at the International Conference on Permafrost since 2008. It acknowledges the excellent presentation of a young scientist in permafrost engineering. The recipient of the first Troy L. Pewe award is listed below:

2016 Pavel I. Melnikov Award

  • Heather M. Brooks (Université Laval)


Brooks, H.M., Doré, G., Allard, M., Locat, A., & Lemieux, C. Quantifying probability of thaw settlement occurrence and vulnerability to climate warming – Iqaluit Airport, Nunavut

2012 Pavel I. Melnikov Award

  • Julie Lepage (Department of Civil Engineering at Lavel University, Quebec, Canada)


Lepage, J.M., Doré, G., Fortier, D., Murchison, P. Thermal Permafrost of the Permafrost Protection Techniques at Beaver Creek Experimental Road Site, Yukon, Canada

2008 Pavel I. Melnikov Award

  • Kevin Bjella (Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory)

Presentation: Bjella, K. The Effect of Near-Freezing Temperatures on the Stability of an Underground Excavation in Permafrost