The IPA Permafrost and Carbon budgets Interest Group (IPaC) was approved by the IPA Council in June 2018 during EUCOP5 in Chamonix, France. The aim of the IPaC is to create and sustain a formalized pathway for IPA permafrost experts to give feedback on the representation of permafrost in datasets used for broad-scale carbon budgets. The need for an interest group was first articulated by members of the Global Carbon Project while working on the global methane budget. The Global Carbon Project is a sponsor organisation of the Interest Group and IPaC will act in an advisory capacity in the calculation and revision of regional and global carbon budgets. IPaC will work in close collaboration with the Permafrost Carbon Network, which has shown great leadership in leading synthesis science related to permafrost carbon. As the need for new synthesis science is recognized through IPaC, actionable items will be pursued within the Permafrost Carbon Network.

IPaC is led by a Steering Committee chaired by Dr. Gustaf Hugelius, the founder of the Interest Group. Day-to-day activities of the group are coordinated by Dr. Justine Ramage. The Steering Committee members are:

►    Christina Biasi, University of Eastern Finland, Finland
►    Robert B. Jackson, Stanford University, USA
►    Dmitry Kaverin, Komi Scientific Centre, Russia
►    Benjamin Poulter, NASA, USA
►    Christina Schädel, Northern Arizona University, USA
►    Ted Schuur, Northern Arizona University, USA
►    Jens Strauss, Alfred Wegener Institute, Germany
►    Merritt Turetsky, University of Guelph, Canada
►    Yuanhe Yang, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

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Interest Groups of the IPA are a forum for the specialties and sub-topics of permafrost research. Interest Groups address scientific issues in a problem solving context, often focusing on communication and collaboration surrounding a specific topic. Interest Groups are established by Council through a majority vote. Scientists and engineers interested in the working areas of our Interest Groups are encouraged to contact the relevant leaders to participate. 

logo_ipyIn June 2005 the International Permafrost Association submitted in cooperation with other international organizations several core projects for the International Polar Year:

Each project included plans for management and data, education and outreach. Full text is available on this IPA page (click on the links above). In addition the titles of the original Expression of Intent (EoI) are listed in the Cluster document. The original EoIs are found on the IPY homepage. A list of proposed permafrost and outreach collaborators are presented in the Team list. The IPY letter of Invitation to the IPA is also included.

The International Polar Year ended on March 1st 2009. An official ceremony was organized at the World Meteorological Organization headquarters in Geneva, to which the IPA participated. Parallely, David Carlson, Director of the IPY International Program Office and Rhian Salmon, Outreach officer at the International Program Office, contributed an article highlighting the contribution of the International Permafrost Association to the International Polar Year. You can find it in the Frozen Ground December 2008 issue

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The IPA is sharing the internal and external activities and initiatives with the international permafrost community by publications of the IPA Newsletter 'Frozen Ground', the IPA Country Reports, and the annual reports in the journal 'Permafrost and Periglacial Processes'. These documents can be found under 'PUBLICATIONS'.


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ACD Logo        The Arctic Coastal Dynamics (ACD) program started in 1999 as an initiative of the International Permafrost Association (IPA), as a multi-disciplinary, multi-national forum to exchange ideas and information (co-sponsored by IASC and LOICZ). Since its inception, the ACD group produced significant contributions to International Conferences on Arctic Research Planning (ICARPs), to the International Polar Year (IPY) and to Arctic Observing (SAON, AOS). The overall objective of ACD is to improve understanding of circum-Arctic coastal dynamics as a function of environmental forcing, coastal geology and cryology, and morphodynamic behavior. The year 2016 marks the beginning of a new phase of activity, initiated by a group of young researchers who secured funding from the IPA to modernize the ACD website (, and organize a side meeting on June 19, 2016, at the International Conference on Permafrost. The new phase will continue and refine the pioneering effort of the ACD, and welcome the participation of new researchers and groups in the project.