4. Glaciers and Permafrost Hazards in High Mountain Slopes


IPA/IACS Co-chair:

  • Andreas Kääb, Norway kaeaeb@geo.uio.no

IPA Co-chair:

  • Christian Hauck, Switzerland christian.hauck@unifr.ch

IACS Co-chairs:

  • Jeffrey Kargel, U.S.A. jkargel1054@earthlink.net
  • Christian Huggel, Switzerland christian.huggel@geo.uzh.ch

Statement of Goals

  • Continue disaster database
  • Enhance outreach and dissemination including image gallery with explanations, a second special journal issue
  • Increased focus on application of geophysics to permafrost hazards (co-chair Christian Hauck)
  • Increase meetings with other than EGU, ICOP and EUCOP
  • Collaboration with other working groups, e.g. IAVCEI/IUGG Commission on Volcano-Ice Interactions
  • Improve geographical representation


  • Continue special sessions at EGU, session at IACS/IAMAS/IAPSO Joint Assembly (2009, Montreal), glacier and permafrost hazard symposiun/conference (2009), NATO conference (2010), applied geophysics workshop (EUCOP III)

Web page: http://www.geo.uio.no/remotesensing/gaphaz/
Liaison person with SCDIC: A. Kääb
Liaison with international organizations and programs: IACS, IGS, WGMS, GLIMS, and other cryospheric programs and organizations