2. Cryosol


  • Galina Mazhitova, Russia galina_mazhitova@mail.ru
  • Eva-Maria Pfeiffer, Germany empfeiffer@ifb.uni-hamburg.de

Statement of Goals:

  • Link the knowledge about cryosols in both hemispheres including Arctic, Antarctic and mountain regions
  • Evaluate what will happen with regional C-pools under ongoing climate and environmental changes
  • Contribute knowledge about Cryosol related processes for climate, hydrology, and ecological modelling
  • Teach young permafrost students/scientists about the diversity and importance of cryosols as a basic knowledge for the protection of cold ecosystems


  • Organizing a bipolar CWG workshop “Climate Change and Cryosols”
  • Publish a review (trend) paper on Cryosols of both hemispheres under a changing climate
  • V International Conference on Cryopedology (2009, Ulan-Ude, Russia), IUSS Congress (2010, Brisbane, Australia), field trip to Antarctica on Correlation of Antarctic and Arctic soil processes (2010 or 2011)

Web page: http://www.geowiss.uni-hamburg.de/i-boden/CWG-IPA-IUSS/index.html
Liaison person with SCDIC: Eva-Maria Pfeiffer
Liaison international organisations and programmes: IUSS, CAPP, GCP, ANTPAS, CALM