1. Antarctic Permafrost and Periglacial Environments


  • James Bockheim, U.S.A. bockheim@wisc.edu
  • Mauro Guglielmin, Italy mauro.guglielmin@uninsubria.it

Statement of Goals:

  • Develop a common web-accessible repository for permafrost and soils data
  • Complete thematic maps on Antarctic permafrost and soils (Transantarctic Mountains, Antarctic Peninsula region, and others
  • Establish a system of boreholes providing data on permafrost and soil properties (GTN-P), records of past environmental change, and recording permafrost responses to climate change
  • Develop a well-designed monitoring system recording active layer (CALM-S) and periglacial process responses to climate change along selected environmental gradients
  • Improve mobility and access to the Antarctic by permafrost researchers by means of common research activities in the Antarctic region


Participate in the IUSS Congress (2010, Australia), SCAR (2010, Argentina).
Web page: erth.waikato.ac.nz/antpas/
Liaison person with SCDIC: Mauro Guglielmin
Liaison international organizations and programs: IUSS, SCAR, ANTPAS, TSP, CALM-S, CAPP, GTN-P, GCP, PYRN