Action Groups are meant to fund targeted groups working towards the production of well-defined products. Unlike the former Working Groups, Action Groups are funded on a competitive basis at up to 2500 € per year (maximum of 5000 € over the life of an Action Group). Up to 10 000 € per year of the IPA total budget will be devoted to Action Groups. These groups have limited terms and focus on clearly defined research outputs, such as maps, science plans, or databases, that can be supported through the organization of workshops, management support, technical support, etc.

There are two deadlines per year for applications to develop and request funding for Action Groups: April 30th and October 30th. The application form is available here: Application form and instructions (doc, 122 KB).

The next deadline for applications is October 31, 2016!


Recently sponsored and endorsed Action Groups:

Since autumn 2015

Title: The InterFrost Evaluation Platform
Contact: Christophe Grenier - Christophe.grenier(a)
Application summary

Title: Arctic Coastal Web Implementation: Circum-Arctic Coastal Erosion Database Publication in Anticipation of the Coastal Permafrost in Transition Side Meeting at the ICOP2016
Contact: Boris Radosavljevic - Boris.Radosavljevic(a)
Application summary

Title: A Frozen­‐Ground Cartoon: Explaining international permafrost research using comic strips
Contact: Frédéric Bouchard - frederic.bouchard(a) 
Application summary


Ongoing sponsored Action Groups:

Since 2014

Title: The Yedoma Region: A Synthesis of Circum-Arctic Distribution and Thickness
Contact: Jens Strauss - Jens.Strauss(at)
Application summary

Title: Quality Control and Assurance of the active layer thickness and permafrost temperature variables within the GTN-­P database
Contacts: Jean-Pierre Lanckman - jean(at), Boris Biskaborn - boris.biskaborn(at)
Application summary

Title: Permafrost Research Priorities: A Roadmap for the Future
Contact: Hugues Lantuit - hugues.lantuit(at)
Application summary

Title: Last Permafrost Maximum and Minimum (LPMM) in Eurasia
Contact: Huijun Jin - hjjin(at)
Application summary


Completed Action Groups:

Title: Permafrost and Culture (PaC): Integrating environmental, geo-, and social sciences to assess
Contact: Mathias Ulrich - mathias.ulrich(at), and Otto Habeck - Otto.habeck(at)

Title: Subsea Permafrost Mapping Data Initiative (2012-2014)
Contact: Paul Overduin - Paul.Overduin(at)

Title: New Assessment of the deep Permafrost organic carbon pool using the Northern Circumpolar Soil Carbon Database (2012-2014)
Contact: Gustaf Hugelius -

Title: Permafrost extension during the Last Glacial Maximum in the northern hemisphere and derived mean annual temperatures (2011-2014)
Contact: Jef Vandenberghe -
A final report of this Action Groups' activities can be found at: Action Group Report Vandenberghe

Title: IPA-IASC-SCAR Workshop on the Global Terrestrial Network on Permafrost user requirements definition (2011-2012)
Contact: Hugues Lantuit -; Hanne Christiansen -